Post Six: Struggle

For some reason I only feel like posting these after a few drinks recently. Maybe that’s a bad thing. Maybe their inconsistency speaks to how little I drink. Hah. 

Im sitting in my small town bar, drinking my small town beer, seeing other small town people. I look around and I see people who are doing the same thing they always do. We’re habitual creatures. We’re programmed to do what seems natural and normal based on our surroundings and what we’re used to. Change is a bad thing. Our minds are used to seeing the unusual and the ‘else’ as something to be feared and cautious of.  


Struggle is necessary for happiness. It stems from overcoming strife. I feel like the small town life is as unrife with strife as unrife gets.  

I’m close to being done with school. I graduate in just a few months. And once that accomplishment and struggle is over I need something else. Something that this small town will not provide.  

So then the question is where and what will provide the hardships that I am looking for. My chosen profession as an artists provides plenty of it’s own struggle, but I feel myself looking for more.  

I am a glutton for punishment. 

I thrive off of it. Sometimes it beats me down and I suffer for it. However, I can’t pick myself back up again without a little punishment.  That's how it is for everyone. That's how growth happens. 

I challenge you, whoever is reading this, to struggle. Don’t hurt yourself beyond repair, but feel the pain of growth. Push yourself past your breaking point with glee, and then come back from it smiling.  Fail, to succeed. 

I recently started skateboarding/longboarding again.  I totally wrecked out going down a hill and scraped myself up pretty bad. But that pain is a necessary bump on the road to improvement.  I'm getting better, even though it's painful.  I relish in it.  That pain tells me I’ve suffered for something and progression isn’t without that pain.

We’ve all heard the shitty ‘shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.’  

I’ll never be the greatness I want to be because perfection is unattainable. But as I struggle for awesome, I’ll end up pretty damn good. I take pride in that. 

You should too. If you’re in the down and out, there are other things that you have over come. Hold onto those things. Take pride in them. Remember the feeling you felt when you surpassed those challenges, they will fuel the fires that burn deep inside.  

SEARCH FOR STRUGGLE. Find the small struggles that you can overcome and use them to catapult you past the hurdles and past the pack. 


B. out.