Post Two: Theme

Its late. I can't sleep per usual. I'm listening to modern rock/alt on classical piano again. It puts me in a blogging mood, or it may be the other way around. Either way I like it.

I'm currently enrolled in college (if you read my bio you'd know that), and recently listened to a lecture by a local crafts lady. While I am not a ceramicist nor a lady, she was very helpful.  Marilee Hall stressed connecting with customers and how important repeat business can be.  Then she went on to discuss the importance of letting the people who collect your work get to know you. That way when they buy your art it is more than an object that has meaning to just them. It becomes a symbol of that relationship.  If every time a customer looked at a piece of work and thought of me, how likely would they be to come to my website and see what was new? Obviously there is no way of quantifying that, but I think it would be a solid business tactic.

So I've decided that would be the purpose of this blog.  Rather than giving tips or advice on how to do things, or simply about my work itself, this will be a chance for you to get to know me.  And on a deeper level than just looking at the images I create.  A picture is worth a thousand words. But a thousand words are worth a thousand words.  So hopefully I can let you in on a little piece of me and through that open you up to my work as I attempt to open up to you.

So what else is on my mind?  I recently wrote a blog draft with all kinds of Star Wars and Star Trek anecdotes as I'm watching Next Gen for the first time (Picard is the best captain), but as I got past that and into the meat it puttered and I struggled with it.  Sometimes things just die.

Tomorrow I'm shooting someone. Nice transition right? I need strong, specific references for my newest piece and I've hired my first model to take pictures of.  If it goes well I'll post some shots on Instagram and link her within this post.  I'm somewhat nervous, never haven directed a photo shoot, but also very excited. Excited to get the experience under my belt and excited to get this new piece out there.  It has a voice.  I want so badly to say what I have in store for it but if the direction or outcome changes from what I have in mind, I wouldn't want to let you down.  And as of right now, I can't get much work done with it until I have the reference imagery shot and done. So tomorrow the gates will open, and the mad dash to make begins. I'm getting amped just thinking about it.

Ok. I'm out for now. Good night.