Brandon Scott is a Middle Tennessee contemporary oil painter.  He was originally born in Cleveland, Ohio and relocated to the Upper Cumberland area of middle Tennessee at the age of 12.  His interest in art began in high school while taking private painting lessons.  After high school he intended to pursue a career as an aerospace engineer, having a love of everything aeronautical from childhood, attended the University of Tennessee Knoxville.  As his interests and life-goals shifted, he has moved to pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Art painting degree from the Tennessee Technological University.  His work focuses on an emotional conversation between his conscious and subconscious.  These conversations are relayed in psychological landscapes and expressive portraiture.  With the goal of reaching the viewer on an emotional level, his pieces aim to be felt, as well as seen.

Artist Statement

    Art is more a demand than a choice.  I work primarily in oils on panel, but do not limit myself to a single concept or style.  Art helps me clear my head. The less I can work cerebrally and originate from an emotional platform, the more I connect with my work.  Within each piece I try to capture emotion, and relate those feelings to the viewer.  Whether it is the same emotion I feel and have in mind while making the piece is irrelevant, their internalization being the completion of my pieces.

    My subject matter tends toward landscapes, then portraiture.  The subject comes from within, without consciously dictating the origin of the piece.  This method of work is meditative, allowing my subconscious to coalesce on the picture plane.  Then I can begin to make decisions, allowing my conscious and subconscious to converse through the work.  This forces my landscapes to emerge from psychological-space instead of real-space.

    I hope to reach my viewers on one emotional level or another, connecting them with the persons or spaces portrayed.  My work will never have a single subject matter, changing as my inspiration and feelings do.  This diversity within my work keeps the passion fresh and every brush stroke a new and distinctive conversation that keeps me coming back for more.